Fatboy Slim

One of the greatest DJs and producers of all time, and a relentless party maker Fatboy Slim will headline EXIT’s whole-new No Sleep Festival on November 15th. This will be an exclusive one-off show simply dubbed as the Warehouse Rave which he describes as “one big intense party with plenty of lasers, dirty lights and smoke machines”!

The music selection will traverse from today’s floor killers to classics anthems who are still shaking the biggest crowds around the globe. Known for his true DJ craft, Fatboy Slim brings in his highly energetic sets a spectrum of sounds from across the whole global rave movement that came about exactly 30 years ago in what was the Second Summer of Love in 1988! Acid synths, Latin percussions, piano rolls, string choruses, epic samples and other pillars that hold the global rave movement, will all come together at a party in the Main Hangar, which is a mammoth warehouse in the Port of Belgrade, at the banks of Danube.

Adding to the overall vibe, the venue is surrounded by cranes, loading docks, rails and a labyrinth of halls, while located just a mile away from Serbian capital’s central square!

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