François X

Techno legend, world’s renowned DJ and producer and one of the key individuals of French electronic scene. Francois X is club Concrete’s leading resident and has a permanent spot in Berghain and Fabric. His Parisian Boiler Room mix is considered to be one of the best coming from the French capital.

Last year shaped up to be François X’s most exciting year to date, with his debut album „Irregular Passion“ released on DEMENT3. The long-player showcases an undiscovered side to François, exhibiting his ability to navigate a range of genres by joining the dots between Electronica and straighter House and Techno territories like you’ve never heard him before.

Francois X plays YUGO

Club 20/44 program will start on Friday when Francois X, one of the leading French techno superstars, will play a special set called “Francois X plays YUGO”, a selection of music on vinyl from former Yugoslavia which he bought over the years while visiting Serbia.

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