Nina Kraviz

After three historic performances in EXIT finales, as well as headlining almost every other leading festival in the world, Nina Kraviz is coming back to Belgrade, the city she remembers very well for some of her earliest steps towards the global scene, outside of her native Russia.

Nina returns at the moment when the whole world is watching her every move with the unprecedented attention, while her new music keeps hitting the floors in the shape of genre-bending remixes. In the same time, her distinctive record label trip just had its 20th release, a ten-track LP compilation featuring the purest forms of acid, industrial techno and even gabber. Shuffling constantly sleepless between train stations and airports, the biggest stages and the smallest of record shops, playing among the heavyweights like the one she has become herself and pushing along her side some of the least known talents, Nina remains fundamentally independent.

Without any managers to run her career and call the safe shots, she draws creative people from all sides, helping others to get the much-deserved spotlight she carries with her whilst making way for the next generation headliners.

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