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Festival Payment Card is used only at the Main Hangar where it is the exclusive drinks payment method, while food and wardrobe in the Main Hangar are paid in cash. Festival Payment Cards are available in the Main Hangar at any clearly marked Top-Up spot.

Deposit and payments

You need to pay the deposit of RSD 125, which will be returned during the refund at the end of the festival. You can top-up the Card with as much money as you like, in cash or using your credit card. There is the minimum amount (RSD 500 for the first top-up) and the maximum amount (RSD 30,000). You can top-up with amounts such as RSD 100, RSD 500, RSD 1000 etc. Amounts such as RSD 150, RSD 550 and RSD 1350 are not accepted.

Payment and balance

When buying, it is enough to press the Card against a well-marked location on the card reader and the amount for drinks will automatically be reduced from the Card. At any moment you can check the available amount on your card by simply placing the card at the well-marked location on the card reader that automatically displays your balance.

Refund at the Main Hangar

It is possible to withdraw the unused funds at any moment at the Main Hangar cashpoints in charge of this (marked with “refundacija/refund”). You can refund up to 7.000 RSD. It is necessary for the refund to be done at the Festival, since there will be no additional refunds available! You can refund your money from the previous night during the next night at the Main Hangar, but only until the timeline lasts. You can refund your money at the Main Hangar until Sunday, November 18 at 8 AM at the latest. Additional refund will be unavailable.


Festival Payment Card is used only at the Main Hangar and are not valid for other festival locations where you can pay for drinks in cash.