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Yes, bringing something fresh, authentic, and different to the scene is still possible. Indira Panagotto has been doing this for over a decade, and the fruits of her labour are enjoyed now more than ever by psytechno warriors around the world. “My warriors” is what she calls everyone who understands her idea — combining techno and psytrance in an energetic, crazy, and logical way.

It is precisely this blend of several genres that is her trademark and the endlessly authentic audience interaction, which shows how much she loves the music she creates. We were lucky enough to experience how good it feels to listen to her and watch her vibe behind the DJ counter this year at EXIT’s No Sleep Novi Sad Stage, and it seems that she was also delighted with the audience.


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We will hear her again at the No Sleep festival on November 12th in the Main Hangar, and on the same day, the line-up includes Amelie Lens, Koboyo, DJ Jock and Edib D

Indira Paganotto originates from Spain, but her musical direction was determined mainly by the inspiring Goa. As she points out, she learned a lot from her father, who played in Goa in the 80s and gathered a collection of records dominated by Goa trance and acid techno along the way. She had such a tremendous start, to which she added a decade in the studio, so today, we have a new & unique global star in full force. She is no longer a newcomer; she has moved on to another level.

Over the last three years, she released several EPs for the likes of Second State (Pan-Pot’s label) and others. However, it seems like the crucial step in her career happened when Charlotte de Witte, for whose label KNTXT Indira released the EP „Himalaya“, recognised her talent and authenticity. Yes, that happened: a track like “Himalaya,” which oozes old-school Goa trance, was released on a major techno label.

Indira herself seems surprised by how many career-defining performances she had last year. She performed at Tomorrowland, Awakenings, and EXIT, but also clubs like London’s Printworks and DC10 in Ibiza. These days, she is part of the KNTXT event at the Amsterdam Dance Event, where she plays alongside Charlotte de Witte, Enrico Sangiuliano, Fjaak, and I Hate Models.

She spreads her “Warriors” story around the world fiercely but unobtrusively. It seems like the community really needed an Indira Panagotto, precisely as she is.

Even Nina Kraviz couldn’t resist her. During her performance at Decibel Open Air, she played Indira’s yet-to-be-released track, which the world will surely go crazy for the moment it sees the light of day.


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Of course, this hot head needs to have a space for expression, which she owns 100% of, and that would be her ARTCORE label, for which she announced many new tracks and her first album. Until then, she will have her premiere performance in Belgrade. If you’re a psytechno warrior, see you there!

Written by: Dijana Babić